Services Audiovisual




    • Subtitling: Subbabel has an extensive team of professional subtitlers. Our translators and editors work with the most advanced systems and produce subtitles for cinema, television, DVD and Blu-Ray, Internet, training platforms, etc.

    • Voice Over and Dubbing: We are experts in translating and adapting texts for voice over and dubbing. At Subbabel we can provide you with a translation adapted for lip-synching and ready for use in any recording studio, or we can record it ourselves and send you the finished audio or video.

    • Voice database: Listen to our voice actors in a wide variety of languages and select the one which fits best with your needs.

  • Subtitling for festivals and film archives: Subbabel handles the creation and editing of subtitles, as well as their projection onscreen. We use our own technology which saves us having to physically insert the subtitles onto the film being projected. Our own software, developed by our experts, enables us to guarantee that the subtitles are perfectly synchronised with the film and do not interfere with the audience’s experience.

  • Transcription: Subbabel provides transcriptions and dialogue lists in many languages directly from audio or video files.

  • Audio guides: Audio guides provide additional information in several languages for people who wish to visit certain museums, monuments or events. Here at Subbabel, we offer a complete service, from the wording of the content right through to providing the actual audio devices for visitors to use.

  • DVD and Blu-Ray authoring: Professional authoring service. We create discs with a choice of various audio and subtitle tracks, we design the menus, we compress the video, whilst maintaining optimum quality, and carry out all the processes necessary to provide you with a disc suitable for distribution.