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Media Access


  • Audio-description: Audio-description is the system by which blind or partially-sighted people can have access to visual information thanks to specially prepared descriptions which do not interfere with the dialogue or action of a program or film. Our audio-describers are experts at producing uninterrupted narration of onscreen images and allowing all audience members to enjoy any audio-visual content. Our audio-descriptions meet the requirements of the UNE 153020:2005 standard.
  • Subtitling for the deaf: Subtitling for deaf people requires certain technical and formal characteristics which distinguish it from subtitling between different languages. At Subbabel, we have experts in this field who can produce subtitles adapted for anyone who has a hearing impairment, in accordance with the UNE 153010:2012 standard.

    • In addition, live subtitling (also called re-speaking) is a new technique which allows the immediate production of subtitles, through the use of voice recognition software, with the aim of allowing deaf people access to events such as conferences, meetings, etc. To achieve this, Softbabel, a subsidiary of Subbabel, has developed the Subprojector software, a complete IT tool which allows the production and projection of subtitles during the course of any event.

  • Spanish Sign Language Interpreting: Subbabel offers interpreting services in Spanish Sign Language for any event that requires it, for the adaptation of audio-visual materials or for the production of sign language guides.

  • Spanish Sign language guides and audio guides: Audio guides and sign language guides enable deaf and blind people greater access to any museum, monument or event which requires an adaptation. Subbabel offers a complete service, from the phrasing of the content right through to providing the actual devices for the visitors to use.